Media & Entertainment Tech Report: 2020

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It’s that time of the year again!

I’m excited to finally share the 2020 edition of my Media & Entertainment Tech Report.

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Just like last year’s, it’s a comprehensive overview of the trends and companies pushing the industry forward.

Each section looks at a particular media category, including:

  • Gaming

  • Video

  • Music

  • Audio

  • Social

  • Creator Economy

  • New Media

and features Key Takeways; Notable Deals; Trend; Early Signal; and Focus slides.

The whole report is packed full with insights from the best operators, analysts, and investors in the space — while also making good use of the data I collect all along the year in my personal database. Each slide also comes with its own clickable credits so you can always go straight to the source.

Whether you’re already involved in media & entertainment, or want to ramp up on the industry’s latest and most interesting developments, I think you’ll find this report a valuable resource. Take a peek below:

You can now access the full report for free on my personal website.

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Writing this report involved a lot of research, and I’d like to think the result is comprehensive enough. Still, I’m sure it could be improved!

What’s missing? Any trend that you think is just a fad? Any category that deserved more attention?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Send me feedback on Twitter, at hi[at]maximeeyraud[dot]com, or simply direct reply to this email.

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Dive deeper with Overlooked

Alexandre Dewez, who’s an investor at Idinvest, kindly offered to write about a trend from the report in his own newsletter, Overlooked.

Alexandre has a keen eye for innovation in general, and has done some great deep-dives about media in particular — see, for example, his work on Roblox and Voodoo.

The Media & Entertainment Report piece is due very soon, so make sure to subscribe to Overlooked in the meantime!

Many thanks to Devon, Alexandre, and Pénélope for reviewing early drafts of my work.